How does Sclerotherapy for spider veins work?


Sclerotherapy is just a fancy word for a procedure that involves injecting a substance into a vein which causes it to shrink up and eventually disappear. The substance we inject is called a “sclerosant”. There are many on the market but the most sophisticated, regulated and most commonly used substance… Read More

Are Varicose Veins a Health Risk?

No…and yes. In general varicose (bulging) veins that aren’t working will create problems, but they don’t generally create a “ health risk”. By that I mean they don’t put you at risk for life threatening problems. People with varicose veins do; however, have a very slightly increased (10% over the… Read More

Removing Varicose Veins


Don’t I need those ugly veins? Actually -no.  Any of the veins you can see in your leg are part of the “superficial system” of veins in your legs. This includes the spider-like clusters of veins (telangiectasia) embedded in the skin, the deeper blue (reticular) veins and even the bulging… Read More

Which type of Vein Treatment is right for me?

close up of eye colour - analogy to vein treatment

Like most problems in life, vein problems present in various shapes and sizes. Let’s make one thing straight – vein problems are not your fault. Just as you inherited the unique shape of your nose and outgoing personality from your parents, you also inherited their predisposition to have faulty veins…. Read More