Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are varicose veins a health risk?

Procedure RoomGenerally, no. Varicose veins do not put you at risk for blood clots or other medical complications. If significantly enlarged or bulging, they may bleed if abrasions occur over them. They may also eventually lead to skin discolouration or ulceration.

Did I cause these varicose veins?

No. Venous disease is an inherited disorder. The valves in your leg veins are simply not working as well as they should be in directing blood flow back to the heart. This results in pooling of blood and distention of the veins. Obesity, pregnancy, and prolonged standing will often unmask underlying varicose vein disease.

What is my recovery time after treatment for varicose veins?

After injection sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy, there is no recovery time. There may be some minor discomfort over the injection or surgical site for a day.

After EVLA (Laser Treatment) there may be some mild to moderate aching in the thigh for up to a week. We encourage activity immediately after the procedure. Patients normally return to work the day after the procedure wearing a compression stocking.

Surgical treatment of varicose veins usually involves a 3-4 week recovery period (read more under “Varicose Vein Surgery” to determine if you qualify for this procedure).

Will my varicose veins come back after treatment?

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The vast majority of patients will see significant improvement of their varicose veins after treatment. Veins that have been treated, either with injection, laser ablation (EVLA) or surgery generally do not recur. The rate of recurrence after laser (EVLA) treatment is less than 3%.

Patients can reduce the risk of recurrence with proper exercise, weight control and support stockings.

We cannot control hereditary venous disease, or the possibility of recurrence, but we can come up with a unique, tailored strategy for your treatment which will offer you the best long term results.

Which type of varicose vein treatment do I need?

Each patient presents with their own unique venous problems. A treatment plan is therefore unique to each patient. It may involve injection sclerotherapy, laser treatment, or both. In some conditions surgery will be a viable option and in others, only conservative treatment will be recommended.

We will strive to work with you in reaching your treatment goals while giving you clear and honest expectations.

Am I too old or too young to have my varicose veins treated?

There is no specific age that eliminates you from any of these treatments. We will make recommendations on a case by case basis depending on your goals and expectations.