Removing Varicose Veins


Don’t I need those ugly veins?

Actually -no.  Any of the veins you can see in your leg are part of the “superficial system” of veins in your legs. This includes the spider-like clusters of veins (telangiectasia) embedded in the skin, the deeper blue (reticular) veins and even the bulging (varicose) veins you see on your legs. Basically any vein you can see – you can do without, so removing varicose veins is fine because you don’t need those veins. Your legs are endowed with an over abundance of veins – the deeper system of veins in your leg (which you can’t see) is more than capable of delivering venous blood back to your heart.

In fact, shutting down (with laser or sclerotherapy) these visible veins will redistribute the blood from veins that aren’t working and shift it into veins that are working well. This actually helps your circulation.

Picture a beautiful tree or plant that has some branches that aren’t thriving at its perimeter. By pruning those branches,  we help the healthy parts of the plant to do even better.

So, as summer approaches come see us at Durham Vein and Laser Centre. Let us help you love wearing shorts again!