Lifestyle Changes (Compression)

Lifestyle Changes – Conservative Treatment

Compression StockingsExercise involving the legs such as walking or cycling will help the calf muscles squeeze more blood back towards the heart through the deep and superficial veins.

Maintaining a proper weight will reduce the pressure on larger veins in the upper legs and abdomen and allows for easier return of venous blood. Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the tension on veins in the legs and thereby help venous blood to return to the heart and not ” pool ” in the extremities.

Prolonged periods of standing or sitting with legs dependent should be avoided. Resting and elevating legs from time to time will ease the pressure on distended veins.

Properly fitted graduated support stockings will  help compress distended veins in the legs and reduce swelling and aching. The compression is greatest in the foot and ankle and becomes progressively less towards the upper leg. Compression stockings which extend above the knee are usually recommended. The cost of compression stockings is covered under most drug plans.